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Resumes and Interview Skills

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, and Job Search help are available here! Find templates and great advice for landing the perfect job.




Get job advice, help with resume & cover letters, and more from your local Career Services office.

TSTC Career Services

TSTC's Career Services is your biggest asset in finding a job after graduation.  They can help you with your job search, write your resume, prepare for interviews, and more.  

Looking for jobs?  Visit hireTSTC for job listings with thousands of employers and partners.

Help Finding the Career That's Right For You

There are a lot of job search sites out there!  Take some of the stress out of job hunting by visiting hireTSTC.  This resource, specifically for TSTC students, allows you to upload your resume, search for potential employers, and get expert help from TSTC Career Services.

Need more help?  No problem!  You can also contact Career Services directly to get one-on-one help building your resume, cover letter, and more.  They can even help your job search!