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Resumes and Interview Skills

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, and Job Search help are available here! Find templates and great advice for landing the perfect job.

What is a Resume?

A resume summarizes your education, employment history, and expertise in relation to specific job postings to which you are applying.

The purpose of your resume and cover letter is to get an interview.  To do that you have to market yourself on about 1 page to a potential employer, showing them that you have the skills and experience for their needs.  

Resume Writing Tips

  • Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for.  Do not use the same resume for every job you apply for.  Some times this can be a few tweaks to your resume but, depending on the position, your resume may need a complete overhaul!  
  • Look at the job posting and focus on the language used.  Try to match this level of writing as it will help employers consider how well you will fit in their organization.
  • Ask yourself what specifically is the company looking for and how does your experience relate to the position requirements. 
  • Do research on the organization/company and its mission/goals.  Include this type of information in your qualifications.

Resume Video Guides