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Persuasive & Argumentative Papers

Persuasive and argumentative papers rely on using evidence to convince others. Think you have what it takes? Check out our prewriting and outline examples to get started on your assignment.


A thesis is a one or two sentence statement that directly states what your paper is about.  Your thesis is generally one of the harder sentences to write, especially for those new to writing research papers.  You want the reader to know with this one statement what your stance on the topic is and what you intend to prove with your research.  Some good examples of a thesis statement would be:

  • While cake and pie are both desserts, the structure, ingredients, and ease transportation sets pie apart from its main competitor.
  • An analysis of video game profit margins reveals one challenge facing game developers: the success of AAA games and the popularity of independent titles.
  • In the movies Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later, the opening sequence establishes the tone and theme of the film through non-diegetic sound, methodical pacing, and striking visuals.


Transitions are visual cues that inform your reader where you are in your paper.  Your thesis has already established the topics you will be covers in your compare/contrast paper so these cues help your reader know when you are moving on to a new topic.

For a large list of transition words, look at our transitions page.

Outline Formats & Examples