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About Your Libraries

Welcome to the TSTC Libraries. This guide contains general information about your libraries, hours, policies, statistics, and a staff directory.

Guidance & Suppport: We're Here for You!

Greetings from your dedicated TSTC Online Library team! We’re excited to accompany you on your educational journey and provide support along the way.

We understand that your academic journey is peppered with questions and uncertainties.  That’s why we offer a range of avenues to reach our library staff. 

Your Digital Resources

  • eBooks – Access digital books and reference materials for technical courses, study on any device.
  • Online Journal – Stay up to date with the latest research, vital for in-depth projects.
  • Online Audiobooks – Learn while multitasking, absorb knowledge on the go.
  • Databases – Find specialized information for assignments, research, and projects.
  • Specialty Online Tools – Sharpen skills, ace exams, and build niche technical skills with tailored resources.
  • Streaming Video – Watch instructional videos, documentaries, and tutorials to visually grasp complex technical concepts for your courses.
  • Resources to De-Stress & Unwind

    • Fiction and Non-Fiction Collections – Recharge your mind with our assortment of eBooks and audiobooks, ranging from gripping true crime tales to the latest in bestselling fiction. 
    • Streaming Videos – Explore our carefully curated collection of popular films and documentaries.  From cinematic gems to thought-provoking true narratives, our video platforms promises to entertain.

    Library Guides & FAQs: Accessible Anytime

    When library staff are unavailable, our digital space remains open.  Explore our Library GuidesFAQs, and tutorials for step-by-step instructions and guidance on navigating our resources.  Whether it’s the weekend or a late-night study session, we’ve got you covered. 

    Opening Hours


    Remember, We're Here to Help!

    As you embark on this educational voyage, remember that your TSTC Library is more than just a repository – it’s a dynamic digital space committed to enhancing your learning experience.  We’re here to support you, guide you, and celebrate your successes.

    May your time at TSTC be productive and rewarding!