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This guide will explain the different resources available to you during your time at TSTC.


The LRC also subscribes to eResources that provide access to resources beyond text.

Automotive eResources

A collection of Automotive eResources, such as Auto Repair Source and Chilton that include step-by-step auto repair information, diagrams, maintenance schedules, parts, and labor estimates, service bulletins and recalls.

Provides quick online access to repair, maintenance and service information on popular cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. 

These eResources contain more than 50 years of information provided in step-by-step procedures, and offers test prep resources.

Content includes:

  • step-by-step repair information
  • diagrams
  • maintenance schedules
  • parts and labor estimates
  • service bulletins and recalls

Automotive Databases

Auto Repair Source Database
Gale - Chilton Library Database

College Skills eResources

Others are designed to aid students with academic skills, such as Adult Core Skills Center, College Success Skills, and Computer Skills Center. Several eResources provide practice tests, flashcards, and videos to help you refine skills in development math, reading comprehension, writing, and general science. You can also find TSI and CLEP test prep exams to help you reach the next level and test out of general education courses.

Test Prep Databases

College Center Plus Database
College Success Skills Center Database
Computer Skills Center Database
College Admissions Test Preparation Center Database

Career Prep eResources

There are also eResources to help you find a career after you graduate, including Job & Career Accelerator and Career Center Plus.

Career Center Plus Database
Job & Career Accelerator Database