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Resumes and Interview Skills

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, and Job Search help are available here! Find templates and great advice for landing the perfect job.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is made up of usually three paragraphs that introduce yourself, reflect your strengths in regard to the employer's needs, and a conclusion.  

Cover letters allow for you to have more of a voice in your work, allowing the employer to see more of your personality.  It also allows you to go into more detail than your resume, making connections between the job posting requirements and your skills.

Cover Letter Tips

  • Remember to always include:
    • Where you saw or heard about the position
    • A brief background on the organization and its goals
    • How your experience matches the position
    • How you will help the organization achieve its goals
    • Your objective: an interview
  • This is a chance to show off your skills and accomplishments in detail!  Make sure to expand the information you included in your resume and let your potential employer know how you've succeeded in past positions... and how you will help their company in the future!

Cover Letter Video Guides