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If you have been assigned to write a paper on a topic then this is the guide for you! Discover prewriting techniques to help you get started and outline examples to help format your paper.

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What is a writing as inquiry paper?

A writing as inquiry paper's purpose is to answer the unknown.  A majority of the writing in your higher education experience will be this type of paper.  The goal of the paper is to instruct your reader in a particular topic and, in the process, learn more about a subject through research and understanding.

Why develop this skill?

This paper style is useful in learning basic research skills.  By wanting to answer a question, you will learn valuable skills that can help you better analyze sources of information and present information in a clear and concise manner. 

What is the purpose of a writing as inquiry paper?

The key word in this paper type is "inquiry."  You learn more about a topic in the process of research and writing a paper than you can by passively reading alone.  Writing as inquiry papers allow you to take information from multiple sources and connect the dots to a single conclusion about a single topic.  

If this is an assignment type, it is possible that your instructor wishes you to learn about a topic that is relevant to your coursework.  It is also possible that they want you to exercise your ability to draw conclusions and connect separate works on a similar topic.  

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