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TSTC West Texas Learning Resource Center: Guides

TSTC West Texas Guides

TSTC West Texas Libraries has developed several guides to help you with your course work.  Not sure which guide to use?  

Program Guides: Guides designed for overall program use.  Click on your specific program for handpicked resources that cover books, ebooks, websites, and databases to help you with your coursework.  

Course Guides: Guides built for specific courses.  These guides are requested by your instructors.  They can contain links specific to your course, recommended reading, and resources that can help give you the edge in completing your assignments.

Assignment Guides: Guides built for a specific assignment.  These guides are also requested by your instructors!  They contain links and resources specific to your assignment and can often be a good jumping off point for research.

Subject Guides: Guides for general topics.  These guides are created to help all TSTC West Texas students, regardless of program.  You will find subjects such as citation guides, Google Drive Tutorials, paper outlines, and more.

Subject Guides

Course Guides

Assignment Guides

Looking for More?

Your librarians are more than happy to build a guide for whatever subject or course you need.  Contact us with the topic you are interested in seeing a guide for and we will show you the possibilities!

Program Guides